Prevent – Cure Cancer

I would like to present a theory on how to prevent and cure cancer. It is base on research by Judah Folkman at Boston Children’s Hospital. See US News & World Report, May 18, 1998, by Brownlee and Shute for an easy read.

Folkman’s research found a way to cure a mouse of an incurable cancer.  He found that there are naturally produced chemicals in the mouse that cause blood vessels going to the cancer site to constrict and starve the cancer and eliminate it. He accomplished the cure by isolating and collecting the chemical from the urine and the injecting the chemicals back into to mouse at a higher concentration than would naturally occur.

I think that if a person stimulate their own body to produce chemicals that constrict blood vessels, cancer can be prevented and cured.  There is an easy and virtually free way to accomplish this.  When bare skin is rapidly exposed to cold, jumping in an ice cold mountain lake or easier a cold shower or ice bath, cause the blood vessels to slam down and cut off the flow of blood.

If the body is exposed to this cold shock long enough and often enough there well be chemical available to prevent and cure cancer via constricted blood flow.  I do not think that the chemicals need to be collected and re-injected to be effective. You need to shock the body with cold and the body will naturally eliminate cancerous cells.

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